Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Announcing the Sedona Charter MS Blog

MS Tech 0.1 is proud to introduce the long awaited Sedona Charter MS Blog. Your source of information for happenings in and out and around the Middle School classroom. Get signed up today (hint: scroll down to the bottom of the page) for automatic updates so that you do not miss a beat. 

It’s green, environmentally and visually, findable, useful and you can get to it at the touch of a button. And it’s nothing short of what a normal newsletter would be. We’ll keep you updated on upcoming field trips and what’s happening within the classroom with pictures and more! We’re striving to make this site as easy to navigate through as possible so you can get from the calendar, to the blog then back to the homepage by barely having to think about it!

 The Sedona Charter MS Web Site (links on the right) will serve as a more permanent place for specific projects and classes.

We will be participating in the 2011 International Day of Peace tomorrow September 21. Find out what that is all about and how you can be part of this event by clicking here.

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