Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kids Need To Read

Everyone reading the book got their questions answered during our fun chat with PJ Harsma. Questions like “How long did it take to write the book?”, “If you were any character in the book who would you be?” and “Are you writing anything else right now?” were asked and each answered. The kids enjoyed it as more than ‘just an excuse to get out of the classroom.’

“I think everything went really well. I enjoyed it. People had some really good questions.” said Mrs. Goglin (Language Arts teacher) with a smile. The kids were all very happy to learn PJ’s favorite colors were blue and black, that he played Halo, and also works in making commercials.

PJ also mentioned writing a new book of witchery and adventure that caught the kids attention as they looked forward to its arrival. But that’s not the only book we’d been looking forward too. Kids Need To Read, an organization encouraging kids to read all over the U.S, donated a very large amount of books to Sedona Charter Middle School such as the rest of The Softwire Series, The Pendragon books, and even a few graphic novels that the middle school students are just gobbling up.

“I think these books are great. It’s good because I think these are books that everyone will love.” Mrs. Goglin said shortly after the arrival of the books. Well known book worm Zoe at Sedona Charter says she is currently enjoying the generously donated Softwire Series.

Kids Need To Read and PJ Harsma definitely had a fantastic impact on our school. We are all very grateful for the memorable experience and new books that we were given and will enjoy The Softwire Series and the many other books given to our school.

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